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The Friends of Al Lettieri

This show looks at the life of actor Al Lettieri and his short but memorable career.

The Western

In this episode we visit the Western genre and the facts behind some of the classic

Ray Harryhausen

This program is an interview with Vanessa Harryhausen, daughter of Ray Harryhausen, animation colossus & Alan Friswell, his model restorer.
The Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation is here – https://www.rayharryhausen.com
and their Twitter Feed is here – https://www.twitter.com/ray_harryhausen

John Garfield

In this episode we look at the life of John Garfield, one of the most gifted and highly regarded actors of all time, who died at the height of his career.
Narrated by Dr John Cooper Clarke

Peter Falk

Peter Falk, alias Colombo, had an interesting career in films before he became the famous detective. Here we look at his work, including his roles as a gangster.

Come Again

In this episode we look at some film sequels that defy the rule and are worth seeing.

Amnesiacs in Film

I’ll never forget whatshisname- we explore the role of the amnesiac through film history.

Natalie Wood

This show follows the career of Natalie Wood, the actress who started in an ice cream commercial aged four and whose death is still shrouded in mystery.

Not Fellini

In this episode we find some lesser known classics of Italian neo-realism.

Hats Off To Corman

This program looks at the illustrious career of Roger Corman, veteran film producer, who has produced four hundred and fifteen movies and is still going strong.