• Opening Titles/ Ennio Morricone from Almost Human (1974)
  • Main Theme/ Armando Trovajoli from The Italian Connection (1972)
  • Una Stanza Vuota/ ENNIO MORRICONE/ LISA GASTONI from Wake up and Die (1966)
  • Theme/ Stelvio Cipriani from Rabid Dogs (1974)
  • Opening Titles/ Riz Ortolani from I Am Afraid (1977)
  • Theme/ Luciano Michelini from Suspected death of a minor (1975)
  • Opening Titles/ Franco Micalizzi from The cynic, the rat and the fist (1977)
  • Opening Titles/ Silvano Spadaccino from Naked violence (1969)
  • Opening Titles/ Franco Mannino from A man on his knees (1979)
  • MAMMA GIUSTIZIA/ NOMADI from No, the case is happily resolved (1973)