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John Altman Interview

Celebrated composer John Altman talks about his career in the film score world and Hollywood.

The Joan Crawford Story

Marlene Dietrich

The magic of Marlene Dietrich.

Franc Roddam Interview

Franc Roddam talks about making 'Quadrophenia' with the Who and his subsequent career as a director.

Michael Curtiz

The prolific genius of Michael Curtiz.

Debbie Harry Interview

The iconic Debbie Harry from Blondie talks about her film career and plays some of her favourite film music.

Hugo Haas

Unique noir producer, director, writer and actor.

Ida Lupino

The first female Hollywood director.

Steve Cochran

The fascinating story of Steve Cochran, Hollywood Hellraiser

Brian Eno Interview

Brian Eno talks about his favourite film music in this revealing & fascinating interview.

The Marx Brothers

The Marx brothers, the whole story of the 20th century comic geniuses

Sir David Puttnam Interview

Arguably, the most successful British movie producer talks of his lifelong love of cinema, his illustrious career and his inspirations.

Lee Marvin

Too bad to be a bad guy, he was 'a wind waiting for a storm'.

Ernest Borgnine

The ugliest mug in Hollywood, but a good luck charm nevertheless.

Hedy Lamarr

The most beautiful girl in Hollywood, also the inventor of bluetooth.

Fairytale Film

Take a journey to the world of Fantasy Soundtracks from The Wizard of Oz to Thumbelina.

Spies and Detectives

A collection of music from Bond, Harry Palmer & Maxwell Smart movies through the ages.

The Western

From Calamity Jane to The Magnificent Seven, the Western is the theme of this show's music.

Green Onions

Get Shorty, Trainspotting, Sexy Beast and Expresso Bongo are some of the films visited in this collection.

Boogie Boot Camp

Ennio Morricone, Issac Hayes, Gene Pitney and Glen Miller, amongst others, are featured.

Mitchum and More

This week featuring songs by : Robert Mitchum, Blondie, Shirley Bassey and Robert Wagner.